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Shasta Nelson is a keynote speaker, author, and leading expert on friendship and healthy relationships at work. 

Filled with scientific data, real-world research, and fascinating case studies, Shasta’s programs reveal how healthy relationships at work directly impact employee engagement, team culture, sales, recruiting, and retention. She also teaches strategies for the healthiest friendships, contributing to individual happiness and well-being.

Frequently featured in the media as a popular resource on healthy relationships and the increasing epidemic of loneliness, Shasta has been interviewed live on several television shows including Katie Couric’s Katie, Fox Business, The Early Show, The Today Show, and The Steve Harvey Show. She has also been featured in countless national magazines like Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, and Health; and interviewed for prominent newspapers like The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times.

Her Three Relationship Requirements have been featured in her popular TEDx talk and are widely praised for helping break down relationships in ways everyone understands.

Shasta's keynote, "Relationships: The Health Factor More Important than Treadmills and Kale" 

Feeling disconnected is as damaging to our health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day; twice as harmful as being obese; and is the equivalent of being a lifelong alcoholic.

Research continues to show that the most significant factor to our longevity, mental health, disease prevention, and happiness is our relationships – and yet the health industry continues to focus largely on diet and exercise.

This inspiring keynote will energize the audience with research, stories, and Shasta Nelson’s groundbreaking work on how to increase the depth in all our relationship.

Heather Kinzie serves as the Chief Operating Officer for The STRIVE Group. With more than 20 years of organizational and workforce performance experience, Kinzie offers consultation; facilitation and mediation; content development and training; and coaching to clients around the country. She oversees a team of experts who utilize a broad, systematic and collaborative approach to analysis, problem solving and consultation.

Heather's keynote, Maslow Matters; How Human Resources can positively affect Human Motivation. For years, surveys have told us that direct supervisor behavior directly influences whether employees stay or leave. For years, we’ve been told that executive leadership holds the burden of developing and executing a positive corporate culture. But I fear that for years we, as Human Resources professionals, have been using all of this data to justify our lack of accountability. Many of us have flirted with the peripherals but many more have been comfortable with abdicating our role. This keynote is designed to chart a new course, one which demands the HR professional’s presence, mindfulness and collaboration. Heather will remind us of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs while encouraging us to unveil our own protocols or paradigms that pull us away from truly supporting the employee. She’ll share pragmatic and immediately useful ideas to motivate, encourage and enable a successful and highly engaged workforce.

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